Award-Winning Technology for Better Brain Fitness
Inspired by an Award-Winning Research Study

Recognized by Leading Age and McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards for industry excellence in research and education, the innovative Birdsong tablet earned its name from the groundbreaking Birdsong Research Study. Conducted in partnership with Eastern Virginia Medical School, Virginia Wesleyan University, and the award-winning Westminster-Canterbury retirement community on Chesapeake Bay, the objective of the study was to determine if bedside electronic engagement tablets could improve quality of life for older adults while lowering stress for their caregivers.

The study showed that in-room engagement technology for residents reduced staff stress by 20% and allowed staff to engage with residents with the touch of a button on the tablet – creating a better environment and experience for both residents and staff.

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The Birdsong Tablet

Increase Resident
Satisfaction. Reduce Staff
Pressure and Stress.

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Increases Resident Satisfaction
and Improves Brain Fitness

The award-winning, affordable, easy-to-use, personal
Birdsong Tablet entertains residents, fights boredom
and social isolation and provides strong mental
stimulation for better brain health in aging seniors.

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Residents Benefit from the Birdsong Tablet

With Improved Brain Fitness

Specifically designed for use by older seniors, the Birdsong Tablet introduces them to brain fitness building technology in a confidence-building, easy-to-use way that eliminates fear and frustration and keeps them engaged and entertained.


  • Personal in-room tablet provides 24/7 access to engagement
  • Features an easy-to-use, large icon, picture-based navigation
  • Easy-to-use interface allows residents to navigate independently with minimal prompting.
  • Keeps residents entertained with carefully selected and compelling content that fights loneliness and boredom. Engaging residents with their hobbies and passions increases mental activity and fosters good brain health and brain fitness.
  • With the touch of a button, Residents can quickly connect via audio and video calls to family, friends, and caregivers. The Birdsong Tablet also makes virtual visits easy and convenient, so residents can see their family and friends whenever they choose.

Designed for Aging Seniors'
Better Brain Fitness

  • Created for in-room use, tablets provide easy, independent 24/7 access to engagement
  • Award winning software powered by Samsung®
  • Designed to foster good brain health and fight loneliness and boredom
  • Features an easy-to-use, large icon, picture-based interface
  • Arrives pre-loaded with a big selection of engaging and entertaining content that’s fun and regularly refreshed.
  • The software builds confidence with its red, always present Home button so residents never get lost, stuck or frustrated
  • Innovative audio, and video Chat technology allow communication 24/7
  • Award-winning Design: Recognized by McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards for industry excellence.

Reduces Staff
Pressure and Stress

For less than the cost of community cable TV subscriptions, bring customized person-centered engagement to those who need it most in your community WITHOUT the need for more staff. In fact, keep the staff you have longer by making them happier and more satisfied. The Birdsong Tablet equips your staff with innovative technology for cognitive brain fitness to effectively provide person-centered care for your residents.

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Administrative Benefits of

the Birdsong Tablet


  • Improve your organization’s 5-star CMS ratings
  • Birdsong Tablet use demonstrates reductions in anti-psychotic drug use to positively impact organization rating
  • Improves the quality of family visit time by providing something new for the Resident to do and talk about.
  • Improves staff retention
  • An activity director's dream! Custom trivia games and other content for fun group activities, pre-planned and ready to go. Easily cast to a screen for group activities/games.
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Platform - Portal

Installation & Administration

  • Goes from box to ready-to-use in less than 5 minutes
  • Friendly and helpful technical support.
  • Non-technical configuration. No fancy server required.
  • Works on WiFi or cable to the cloud.
  • Easily cast to a screen for group activities or games.
  • Updated automatically freeing your staff of IT headaches.
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Materials & Support

Get positive local press for being the first in your market with bedside technology in nursing, memory
care for improved cognitive brain fitness, and assisted living. Enhance your reputation as an innovative
community that cares. Brand the tablets with your logo and impress your families and residents.

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A Study In Success

Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury

A leader in industry innovation and resident care, Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury in Irvington, Virginia, saw a tremendously positive impact following the implementation of The Birdsong Tablet into their community. In the first two months of use, Dementia Care Coordinator Mary Arthur reported that the community saw increased resident satisfaction and engagement, and a record 76% decrease in anti-psychotic uses. Watch the video and learn more now.

Karla’s Memories
Birdsong’s Dramatic Impact

Creating A Brighter Future &
Better Brain Fitness

Memories can fade with time and age - bring them back with exclusive resident access to Birdsong's vast travel and photo library. Aging seniors often recognize and connect to pictures and photos that are familiar to them. This exposure can help stimulate their cognitive function, including memory recall, and spark the sharing of treasured memories through improved brain fitness. Watch Karla's story to learn how the Birdsong tablet helped her reconnect with her German heritage and connect with friends and family around her.

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