Why are you offering this valuable technology for free, now?

This unprecedented offer comes at an unprecedented time. As schools, public events and businesses close down due to the COVID-19 public health crisis, older adults risk increased isolation and loneliness. While we wait-out this virus, it’s important to us to do all we can to make sure aging seniors are feeling connected to their loved ones and engaged with the world around them.


Why should I sign-up for the free web site version?

Now more than ever, It’s important to stay connected to loved ones. And easy-to-use audio and video calls are just a tap away. The Birdsong web site version keeps you connected to the family you love and the world around you with Music, Games, News, Video Chat, email, fun brain fitness games and more!


I’m not familiar with Birdsong technology. Has it won any awards?

Yes! Birdsong technology has won several awards including the 2018 McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Award for industry excellence in research and education. It has also been recognized by Leading Age and even won the ASA’s Mind Alert Award for improving brain health for older adults.

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How do I get started?

Just visit birdsongtablet.com now to create your free account. All you need is your email address and a password that you create. Once you login to your account on a particular device, your device will remember the login credentials for future purposes.


How long will the website version be available to use free of charge?

The website will be free for the foreseeable future. We are in a dynamic situation and will make our decision according to how events unfold.


What is the difference between the Birdsong tablets and the Birdsong free website version?

The Birdsong Tablet is designed for people with limited technology experience or cognitive impairment. The tablet automatically loads up into Birdsong mode and is in a locked-down environment making it difficult for users to get lost, confused, or frustrated. On the other hand, the free website version of the Birdsong tablet has similar content, but it requires the user to know how to get on the internet and open up a website.


Can I use the free website on any device? What types of devices are ideal for accessing the free website?

Yes, you can use it on any device. However, we would recommend that you use it on a device that is at least 10 inches or larger.


I am not familiar with Birdsong technology. Is it easy to use?

The easy-to-use technology features an easy-to-use, large icon interface. Also, the HOME button is ever-present on every screen. Just press the HOME button to shut down apps and return to the start/home screen at any time.


Is there a tutorial video I can watch to learn more?

Yes, visit birdsonglife.com and scroll down to the product demonstration video.


How much will the free trial cost?

The free trial is 100% free with no cost, contract or obligation.


Do I have to enter my credit card information to get started?

No. To get started, just set-up your free account here: [birdsongtablet.com]


After the free trial period, will I have to pay for access to the web site version?

When the free trial offer expires, you may purchase a Birdsong Tablet and subscribe to monthly service for $19.00/month and continue to use the technology you’re already familiar with.


Do I have to buy a tablet to use the web site version?

No. You do not need a Birdsong tablet to access the free web site version.


If I buy a tablet, can I access my free account through the tablet?

Yes. Just log-in as with the same account information you used during the free web site trial.


How do I purchase a tablet for myself or a loved one?

Buying a Birdsong tablet is easy and affordable. Just visit https://birdsonglife.com/shop/


How much does the tablet cost?

Visit https://birdsonglife.com/shop/ for information on tablet cost, monthly services and accessories.


Will I have to pay for some of the content?

No. All featured content is free during the trial period.


What video calling options are offered on the free website version?

We offer Zoom, Skype, and Birdsong’s proprietary video calling software. Birdsong’s software is more user-friendly for older adults and does not require a phone number to set up.


Will I be charged for using Video Chat to make calls?

No. Video Chat and email, like all of the other features, are offered free of charge.


If I don’t have internet, will I be able to access the web site features?

No. You will need an internet connection to access the web site.


What kind of content is available?

The website version offers thousands of unique content experiences including music, news, classic tv shows, memory games for improved brain fitness and more!


Can I access the internet through the web site version?

Yes. If you have internet access, you will be able to visit birdsongtablet.com and create your free account. The website version includes internet access to your favorite websites.


How can I communicate with my family through the web site version?

Easy-to-use Video Chat and email features are available for free on the website.


What languages are supported in the web site version?

The web site supports the English language.


How is the Birdsong tablet different than another tablet technology?

The Birdsong tablet technology was developed specifically for aging seniors with limited technology experience or cognitive impairment. The tablet automatically loads up into Birdsong mode and is in a locked-down environment making it difficult for aging seniors to get lost, confused, or frustrated.


If I need help getting started or have questions, is anyone available to help me?

Yes. Please email birdsonglife.com/support or call 1-866-851-4387 and someone will be glad to help you.