Connectedness and You

A generous gift to our Foundation allows us to make the website version of the Birdsong Tablet available for free during this pandemic. Our web version features new SENIOR-FRIENDLY video chat and over 8,000 different engaging experiences to keep you entertained. See the faces and hear the voices of your loved ones without all the frustration of other services. Stay engaged with family, friends, games, music, movies, ideas and the world around you. We all need to be entertained and to “see” our loved ones.

With this web version, you can set up your own free account for yourself or for an older friend. Just email your friend the link and log in information that you picked for him or her. You can use your own computer/tablet or send an older tech device you already have laying around. The device just needs to operate a web browser and it works best with a 10-inch screen or larger.

If we are engaged and connected, we can keep their minds off the Coronavirus and focus on the people and things that bring us joy. No payment information is requested. No fees. Just love from a non-profit organization dedicated to helping older adults. In these times, our donor wants this gift to help as many people as we can.

In Good Health,
J. Benjamin Unkle, Jr.
President and CEO, Birdsong Tablet Initiative